Wednesday, April 01, 2009


(General Knowledge)

Categories: Friends, Companies, History, Simpsons, Maths.

Q1. How many sisters does Rachel have?

Q2. What are Rachel’s sisters called?

Q3. What is the name of Joey’s Chair?

Q4. What is the name of Phoebe’s boyfriend who went to Minsk?

Q5. Where does Chandler accidentally get sent to work over Christmas? (The One With Christmas in _____ )

Q6. Approximately how many mobile phone masts are there in Britain?

Q7. What does H+M stand for?

Q8. What is Norwich Union changing its name to?

Q9. Name 4 of the Orange animals.

Q10. In what year did the 2nd world war end?

Q11. Approximately how many people were living in London in 1650?

Q12. Approximately how many people died of the plague in London in 1665?

Q13. Who shot Mr Burns?

Q14. What is Moe’s second name?

Q15. How many sisters does Marge have?

Q16. What are Marge’s sisters called?

Q17. What type of small, stripey, flying animal is the Spanish guy always dressed as?

Q18. What is (13 X 13) + (14 X 14)?

Q19. What is the name of any angle less than 90degrees?

Q20. What is a?(aX3)X5+(4X4)+6= 82

Q21. You fly from Gatwick Airport to Moscow, which is 3 time zones ahead of the UK. You leave at Midnight. The flight takes three hours. What time is it when you arrive?

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