Monday, March 30, 2009



A1. 2.
A2. Amy and Gill.
A3. Rosita
A4. David.
A5. Tulsa.
A6. 51,000.
A7. Hennes+Mauritz.
A8. Aviva!
A9. Canary, Racoon, Dolphin, Camel, (Panther?).
A10. 1945.
A11. 300,000.
A12. 100,000.
A13. Maggie!
A14. Szyslak.
A15. 2.
A16. Patty and Selma (Bouvier).
A17. A Bumblebee. (BumbleBee Man).
A18. 365.
A19. Acute
A20. a=4.
A21. 6AM.

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