Wednesday, April 01, 2009


On 14th post, I said to look at Club Penguin.
Well don't bother.
After Disney bought it, they put catalogues every where.
Let me explain,
Having a penguin is free, but you can't buy things unless you become a member.
(which costs about £3 a month) you can buy a few things if you are not a member but not many.
At the moment, there is an April Fools' Day party on, and at the snow forts there is a members only room. Which isn't very nice to non-members.
I am a member and so I have been into the members only room and you can buy a Warp-Box for your igloo.
When you put your Warp-Box in your igloo, you can go into it and get into the secret
'Box Dimension'.

Anyway also, Disney have put a catalogue at the Cove, one at the Docks, and one at the Ski Lodge. And the one at the Ski Lodge sells a fishing rod and if you go into the fishing game while holding the fishing rod the these new fish appear.
And the new fish are worth double as much money as the normal fish and you can't buy the special fishing rod if you are not a member so therefore, members get more coins on the fishing game.

So that is all to try and get you to be a member and give them money so therefore Disney is evil.

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