Friday, April 03, 2009

22nd post

I made this in febuary:
It is spoons with glass beads in.

Then I made this one:
8 plastic fish and 2 wooden fish and 1 glass fish and something made out of wool.

Then I decorated my lampshade with tissue paper.

Then I made this:
Ribbon with cardboard hearts staplead onto it.
It actually reaches down to the floor, and has a little bell on the end, but thats not in the picture.
The patten repeats (Reddy colours, Blues and green, then Purples) 4 times.

Now I am going to make a giraffe out of a fork, but the end is to thick to make the head, so I might have to make a dinosaur instead.


Dani said...

They are all great!

Angela said...


♥ Amber ♥ said...

Wow, they're really good! I like the lampshade best! :0)