Saturday, May 03, 2008

6th post?

We got our new computer!
I am now 11.
At the moment it is very warm down here but it is meant to rain tomorro;(
It was the childrens parade today.
They always have all these grown-ups who go along with their children, but don't dress up and spoil it.
Then we went to the beach with our cousins and Leo found a hermit crab and they called it Larry but I called it Mavis so we decided on Mavy.
Then we went home and watched doctor who.
I mean OH MY GOD KILLER CARS!!! how cool! And in the next time; he has a daughter!
Actually I knew that, he said, "I was a father once" in the Christopher Eccleston ones.


Lynn said...

We are enjoying the lovely weather too.Hope the rain passes over quickly and the sun comes out again.Beach sounds fun good compromise on the crab name I like it;-)xx

Gill said...

I loved the one with his daughter, but then I wondered what happened to her after that. Will we ever see her again? I hope so.