Sunday, March 30, 2008


On Thursday at kids club we made a picture; we put paint on the wheels of the go-cart (that we made a couple of weeks ago) and rode it along the paper.
Then we went into town and dropped off 5 films from my camera to get developed.
On Friday it was youth club and it rained.
The next day we went up to collect my films.
Here are some good ones:

A carpet
This is through the landing window, slightly open.
In StIves we stayed in the third house from the left wih the window open and the balcony.
This is a wall.

This is an interesting photo isn't it. I think its the end of the film.


Allie said...

You've taken some really beautiful pictures there.

a said...

Very interesting pictures

Em said...

I love the wall picture very much indeed.

Lynn said...

Great photo's I like them all but paritcularly the one with the silhouette of chimney pots.

emma said...

The sunset one with the chimney pots is really Mary Poppins! (chim-chimeny, chim-chimeny...)

And there's something about the first one which makes it look as if the sky is falling in.

PrincessReader said...


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