Sunday, March 02, 2008

1st post

Hello! New blog!
We went to Pulborough Brooks today.
Me and Leo got about 4 feet away from a rabbit! (a wild one you understand, not in a hutch) And we saw a chaffinch and a blackbird and newts and some black fallow deer, these ones weren’t wild though, they were a herd that were there because the RSPB used them to graze the land.
I got a compass at the shop and L got a notepad and pen. They sold live mealworms! How yucky! I spoze birds like them.

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Nic said...

Hi Pearl, like the new blog :) We go to Pulborough Brooks quite regularly and really enjoy it there. I'm looking forward to seeing it in Spring, Summer and Autumn though because so far we've only been in Winter and I expect it changes through the seasons.